Adventuring Back in The Elder Scrolls Online

A good five days ago I decided to subscribe to The Elder Scrolls Online. I had been considering either WildStar or Elder Scrolls for a few weeks. I suppose it was just a weird MMO craving I was having while waiting for Warlords of Draenor to release. I decided to go with ESO due to the realistic experience it gives off since I was already playing one colorful game.

It had been since launch that I last played so I thought it would be best to start fresh as a Wood Elf Templar on the Aldmeri Dominion. Previously, I was a Nord Dragonknight and the class was fun but not so sure if it was a good choice for my main character. What I like about my Templar is how she can do decent damage but is also wonderful at healing and surviving. I am playing as a Healer/Caster wearing mostly cloth armor and a restoration staff. I have died only a few times and I must admit most of my deaths were from running AFK and coming back to my poor dead elf.

It seems like I am a slower paced leveler and this is perfectly fine because I am deeply in love with the story I have seen so far. My Wood Elf is only level 11 and I have already logged about 24 hours of play time. However, I have been going for achievements and exploration for each zone I am in. I have listened to every single story and this has really improved my experience in the game. I feel like in a game such as Elder Scrolls Online it's important to do every little thing the game offers. So if this means slow leveling I am perfectly fine with it.

It's funny how my mindset was to play this game while waiting for Warlords in hopes of passing time. Now here I am swooning over it after things had failed for me at launch. Since I am enjoying myself so much I play to continue to play Elder Scrolls Online alongside of World of Warcraft.