Evolve Review


I am really enjoying my time so far in Evolve. I know a lot of negativity is being directed to the content that requires to be purchased. I have thought about this and decided if I am still playing this game when the time comes to spend money on extra hunters or goodies I would be more than willing to do so. It's been a while since I have felt a connection with a game and enjoyed logging on to play. If I still feel this way in months to come I plan to purchase a few things here and there.

Now for the game itself. I mostly play Medic and Trapper when I can get these Hunters and I usually do. The Medic is a blast to keep players healed and the monster tranquilized. I have gotten pretty okay with my Trapper as well and placing the dome down without wasting it. Honestly, can't decided who I like the most! As for the other classes I haven't had much experience with them. 

Beating the monster honestly depends on if your team can work together and if you're up against a monster that knows what they are doing. We had one monster, poor thing, who kept attacking us in his stage one and dying pretty much at the start of the game. Where later we had a monster who was very sneaky and knew exactly who to focus on killing to be able to defeat us.

Overall I get a great thrill from Evolve and am happy to give it a "Yes."


Forge is a new streaming program but not like Twitch or Hitbox. It allows you to stream your game play stress free with no chatbox and no camera. Just a place for you to share what you're up to. 

While you're live people can come watch your game. When you're done you can take clips and save them to your profile page to watch later or for others to check out. 

You can also display screenshots on your profile and have social statuses. Everyone can comment on your displayed videos, screenshots, and status much like a social media. You can also follow and have followers.

It's still in testing so keep in mind it isn't perfect but the team is great about fixing and listening.

It's a really neat program and I have been using it for a bit.

My profile: http://forge.gg/Laughter

Sign up: http://forge.gg/invite/19dWEH

SweetFX with Guild Wars 2

If you like how my game looks with SweetFX you can download the settings I customized right here.

You can download SweetFX here if you do not have it. It will place the files into your folder but keep note that you need to then take d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll, injector.ini and place them in "bin." I found that out after spending an hour or so frustrated that it isn't working. Also, turn off anti-aliasing in game or SweetFX won't work. 

When inside Guild Wars to after you apply the graphic settings you want in SweetFX you can hit "screen lock" to turn it off and on to compare before and after. To make changes without logging "pause break" will refresh the screen.

If you need further help feel free to ask!







Elite Dangerous Day 2: Docking

Docking wasn't all too bad, really. It did take me four tries but I made it into the space starport no problem. It was at first figuring out what or where I was suppose to land on the first try. Then second try I found the orange landing pad but landing did not happen.

Third try I could not for the life of me figure out WHY I kept bouncing back up when landing. Fourth I figured out you needed to face the tower and nailed it. 

Now to do this every single time. Honestly, not as scary as I thought it would be when I figure out what and how to do it.


I bought Elite Dangerous today!

I have been sitting on this for what feels like forever. I had been considering getting into some sort of space game because it is a first for me. I am getting bored with the typical MMORPG and needed a change. I have been busy keeping to myself mostly playing things I purchased on steam and never got around to. Also, working in Dragon Age: Inquisition which I am really in love with but felt like I was missing something. Perhaps just a new adventure and to challenge myself to learn something new.


My social feed is filled with people chatting about Elite Dangerous to the point I just kind of snapped today and bought it. So far I can't say a lot about the game as I spent my time installing it and working on a tutorial for shooting in space. That is shooting while not flying because I am horrible at flying so the thought of shooting and flying has me laughing pretty hard. 

I plan to take baby steps with Elite that way I don't find myself getting frustrated or discouraged. I did learn how to change the color of my HUD in game and really like it pink for now but I did make it purple as well. 

Over the next week or with my sweet flying skills month I plan to practice and save up for HOTAS as I am using my mouse and keyboard. Really excited to be able to share my journey in Elite Dangerous!