Elite Dangerous Day 2: Docking

Docking wasn't all too bad, really. It did take me four tries but I made it into the space starport no problem. It was at first figuring out what or where I was suppose to land on the first try. Then second try I found the orange landing pad but landing did not happen.

Third try I could not for the life of me figure out WHY I kept bouncing back up when landing. Fourth I figured out you needed to face the tower and nailed it. 

Now to do this every single time. Honestly, not as scary as I thought it would be when I figure out what and how to do it.


I bought Elite Dangerous today!

I have been sitting on this for what feels like forever. I had been considering getting into some sort of space game because it is a first for me. I am getting bored with the typical MMORPG and needed a change. I have been busy keeping to myself mostly playing things I purchased on steam and never got around to. Also, working in Dragon Age: Inquisition which I am really in love with but felt like I was missing something. Perhaps just a new adventure and to challenge myself to learn something new.


My social feed is filled with people chatting about Elite Dangerous to the point I just kind of snapped today and bought it. So far I can't say a lot about the game as I spent my time installing it and working on a tutorial for shooting in space. That is shooting while not flying because I am horrible at flying so the thought of shooting and flying has me laughing pretty hard. 

I plan to take baby steps with Elite that way I don't find myself getting frustrated or discouraged. I did learn how to change the color of my HUD in game and really like it pink for now but I did make it purple as well. 

Over the next week or with my sweet flying skills month I plan to practice and save up for HOTAS as I am using my mouse and keyboard. Really excited to be able to share my journey in Elite Dangerous!